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To know Rhythm, one must develop a sense of it, How often do you notice when you are not in pain , This shows that you intuitively know the effect, and workings of rhythm.

For example, sometimes congestion causes illness, basically congestion is something that stops the rhythm of the circulation of blood, therefore leading to illness.

Every persons well being both physically and spiritually is dependent on synchronicity of all cells, therefore rhythm. If the body loses its rhythm, something goes wrong with the mind, if the mind has lost its rhythm, something goes wrong with the body.
Drumming is just about the oldest form of music on earth and drumming exists in the traditional rituals of most of the world's cultures. Just as important as rhythm itself is the connection that rhythmic music and dancing gives to members of a group. As far back as human history goes, drumming and dancing has allowed societies to connect deeply to each other and form the social bonds that are needed to keep the community strong.

These days, in our fragmented, hectic world, we rarely get the chance to connect to a wide group of people at a deeper level. Even our closest family and friends barely see enough of us. That's where a drumming group can be surprisingly therapeutic - the mere act of sitting in a circle and beating out a uniform rhythm is soothing, stress-busting and satisfying.
Studies have shown that drumming is beneficial for people with depression and anxiety, and that levels of the stress hormone go down after a drum session. An hour or so of drumming after a hectic day at work can leave you feeling relaxed, upbeat and even mildly euphoric and dreamy!
Drumming is fun it is a great way to come together as a group , make some music, relax, let go and have some fun! Remember you can also drum on your own, it's a great way to relax, unwind and create !

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